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I’ve been MIA lately because it is about a week and change until Teens Conference with AFC. It’s a fairly complex annual student conference that I coordinate with a ton of volunteers involved and a packed program. Here were some things that have helped me a lot in planning this last month:

Work backwards from the event day. Think of everything you might need at the event, and work backwards and figure out how it will get there and where it will come from.

Make a critical path. A critical path is a project management plan; a sequence of events and activities that must be completed for your event success. For me, this includes what needs to get done, who is doing it, anticipated date of completion and a column to mark down when it is completed. It really helps ease my stress to know that I know what needs to be done and I can slowly chip away at it.

Ask for help. If you are the one heading up your wedding/event planning, make sure you delegate the smaller tasks so that you can focus on what only you can do. Don’t waste time cutting paper when it can be easily delegated to an eager helper.

Over-prepare and anticipate. When it comes to an event, it’s important to be able to anticipate your needs onsite and be over-prepared. The worst is that feeling of, “oh no, I forgot about that detail!” That’s why all WPIC Coordinators bring their wedding day emergency kit, packed full of everything you might need on your wedding day. Sometimes you can’t prepare for everything and you have to be flexible to find a solution, but most of the time it could have been prevented with a little extra preparation.

Take breaks and breathe! Make sure you take time to de-stress and get away from working for breaks. You’ll work better when you feel better.

If your wedding or event day is coming up, make sure to take these important steps into consideration. You’ll be on your way to success in no time!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto wedding planner and day of wedding coordinator providing sophisticated planning for the style-savvy couple. Whether you need planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Rebecca can help you create your dream wedding day. Contact her today, she'd love to hear from you.

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