Today I took a client to visit a few venues in search for the perfect place for their wedding reception. One of the venues we visited was the historic Eglinton Grand at Avenue and Eglinton. It was stunning! It is a beautiful converted movie theatre with art deco roots, with a classier feel than a traditional banquet hall. Keep reading for my thoughts on the venue.

Eglinton Grand venue details

Customizable Marquee Sign

The marquee sign outside can be customized with the couples name and a fun saying, just like in the past, so both guests and the public know that it’s a special event. A red carpet and sanctions will invite your guests in like royalty. These are additions to the standard package (consider asking for this to be added in when you discuss costs and packages).

Eglinton Grand venue details

A converted movie theatre

The venue is a converted movie theatre from the early 1900s with distinctive and original art deco features (I love art deco!). Everything from the exit signs to the statues are original and add a lot of character to the building. Consider taking a photo in the old ticketing booth that still exists (see above).

Eglinton Grand - first dance

Upon entering guests head upstairs to the modern bar and cocktail area, of what used to be the balcony seating area. Closed curtains keep the dining area downstairs a mystery for cocktail hour. When dinner is ready, draw the curtains for a wow factor and to cue the guests to find their seats.

I love it when buildings have historic charm and character like this.

Eglinton grand wedding

Menus, AV and Parking

Their menus offer a good variety, with the option to upgrade many of the items. Expect to pay $115 – $130 per person before gratuities and tax.

When it comes to AV, the venue can be a bit dark in there with dimmed lights and dark decor, so pin lights (one direct light that spotlights each table) are recommended, but will cost you about $35 a table for the labour to individually set them (ouch!).

In terms of parking, there is a nearby Green P parking lot that can be used for guests. Do your guests a favour by pre-purchasing parking vouchers and sending those out in advance of the wedding or allowing guests to pick it up upon entering.

Eglinton Grand marquee sign

Overall impressions

Each venue will have its positives and negatives, and for a couple looking for a venue that will deliver a wow factor from the start (and offering a different look than a traditional banquet hall), this is a great choice. Overall it is a very classy looking venue sure to impress your guests.

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Rebecca Chan is a Toronto wedding planner and day of wedding coordinator providing sophisticated planning for the style-savvy couple. Whether you need planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Rebecca can help you create your dream wedding day. Contact her today, she'd love to hear from you.

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