Behind the Business

TV is not easy

Setting up for Cityline - Modern Chinese New Year entertaining ideas with event planner Rebecca Chan

With my Cityline segment airing this week, I reflected on the experience and wanted to share some candid thoughts.  Photography: Mango Studios TV is not easy. You prep for countless hours to ensure vendors are secure and everything is ordered. It is almost always a last minute thing. You obsess about what to wear and […]

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Getting started in the wedding industry

Getting started in the wedding planning business with Rebecca Chan, Toronto wedding planner

Whether you are a budding photographer or wedding planner hopeful, you have to start somewhere. I am often asked what steps are needed to get started in the wedding planning biz and I’ve put together a few simple and practical tips below if you are just getting your feet wet. From our Cityline segment. Photo: […]

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Pricing Strategies for Wedding Planners

Pricing for any service-oriented industry where you set your own rates canΒ been a challenge. When do you raise your prices? How do you deal with people asking for a discount? What about friends and family? After 7+ years in the business, I think I finally have a good grasp for pricing strategies. But there were […]

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Tips before calling it quits

Rebecca Chan Weddings and Events

Two years ago, I made the leap to go from working weddings on the side to working weddings full-time. I haven’t looked back since and I have never once regretted my decision to pursue this full-time. One of my most frequently asked questions from colleagues is if I have tips for someone looking to make […]

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Committing to time off

This weekend I had no weddings booked. I did slip in a couple meetings and caught up with emails in between activities, but overall I actually had a weekend! We went to the Beaches Ribfest, enjoyed a bike ride at sunset, had brunch, lunch with my grandpa, dinner with mom and lots of quality time […]

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Behind the Biz – Part 3: Doing the math

Elegant wedding at the King Edward Hotel Vanity Ballroom

My blog series comes to an end with a post about money and how to make it work as a wedding planner full time. My last three blog posts have been about an interest topic – how to become an event or wedding coordinator and some hard truths I’ve learned along the way. My first […]

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Behind the Biz – Part 2.2: Your job and your vocation

I’ve started a mini series about getting started in the wedding and events industry and I’ve touched upon some of the more practical steps like getting an education and having the soft skills required. With some of my hardworking wedding friends at a recent wedding. Photo: Joee Wong Photography Before touching upon making money in […]

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Behind the Biz – Part 2: Are you cut out for it?

Intimate wedding at Balzac's in the Distillery District

I just started a mini series about getting started in events/weddings. If you have been following along you will know that my last post was all about getting an education. This post will focus in a bit more on who you are and whether this line of work is suited for you, because it isn’t […]

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Behind the Biz – Part 1: Education

Quirky outdoor wedding at Kortright Centre

I get a number of inquiries every month from people interested in getting started in wedding planning and wanting a job. Perhaps it is reality TV or just the growing industry itself, but it seems like everyone and their mother wants to be a wedding planner these days. If you are interested in the profession, […]

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