Etsy finds: Cute, coupley and customizable

DIY Handmade wedding - hitched

Is it me or is everyone getting engaged left, right and center? With so much talk about weddings, honeymoons and everything in between, I couldn’t help but take a gander at what new goodies I could find on Etsy. I definitely found some awesome stuff. Everything is customizable, as per the usual Etsy finds, which […]


Tips for your last month of wedding planning

Your seating chart is done, honeymoon is booked and you’re ready to say, “I do!” All that is left is to walk down the aisle, right? The month before your wedding is actually a crucial time to get all the final details together that will ultimately determine the success of your wedding day execution. Here […]

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Venue details: Eglinton Grand

Wedding Bells feature from Rebecca Chan Weddings & Events

Today I took a client to visit a few venues in search for the perfect place for their wedding reception. One of the venues we visited was the historic Eglinton Grand at Avenue and Eglinton. It was stunning! It is a beautiful converted movie theatre with art deco roots, with a classier feel than a […]


Types of wedding venues

I’ve been on the hunt for venues for a client, and I’ve compiled some thoughts on venues to help you on your search too. Keep in mind this is a general guide, and there will be venues that don’t fall cleanly in one category. Whatever venue you end up choosing, make sure to do your […]


Tips for your own royal wedding website

If you have been following any news channel you will know that the royal wedding of Prince William and Miss Catherine Middleton will be taking place this month on April 29th. It’s going to be one of the grandest weddings around, no doubt! No wedding nowadays is complete—especially this one—without a grand website also. Take […]


Beaded clutches on 3 budgets

Whether you are looking for a clutch for your bridal party or a purse to compliment your outfit to attend an event, there are so many choices in stores to choose from. When I buy clutches, I like to buy neutral ones that can go with many different outfits, but a purse that makes a […]


Event designers who inspire me

Did you know there is a difference between event designers and event planners? Planning and designing are very different services. Planning focuses on the operations side of things while design is all about decor, spatial elements and visuals. Sometimes I’ll come across couples who want me to do everything – “Can you help me coordinate […]


Extravagant Proposals

With the rise of social media, youtube celebrities and the need to top the last guy, proposals have gotten more and more extravagant. Here are some good ones that are both inspirational and crazy (crazy to see how far a guy will go!) Enjoy! Before we even talk about engagements.. prom date ‘askings’ are getting […]


Last minute details of an event

Courtesy of Matt Vuong Photography I’ve been MIA lately because it is about a week and change until Teens Conference with AFC. It’s a fairly complex annual student conference that I coordinate with a ton of volunteers involved and a packed program. Here were some things that have helped me a lot in planning this […]

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