I am meeting Jane Dayus-Hinch!

Tonight I’m heading to a WPIC workshop with Jane Dayus-Hinch! She may look familiar.. because she’s the celebrity planner on the show Wedding SOS! Her experiences may be a bit different from mine, as she has a camera crew and helpers running around with her all day, but I’m sure there will still be transferable […]


Venue overview: Paintlounge

I’m posting from Paintlounge in Markham, a fun cafe tucked away uptown (now with locations downtown as well). The owner, Samantha, had a lot of great ideas for possible event partnerships when I sat down to chat with them. I’m excited to work with them and I’m really loving the place. What a great concept […]


Finding Inspiration for your Wedding Theme

The bride and groom take fun photos with giant balloons.

Many couples have already booked their big items, like their venue, photography, etc. Once you start looking at the smaller details, it is useful to have a theme in mind to tie it altogether. But where do you start? Some couples will have their theme thought out long ago and some have no clue where […]


Expert advice: Cake and cupcakes!

With my Valentines event coming up, I thought it would be suiting to do a spotlight on wedding cakes. It’s about that time of year when couples should be looking into wedding cake options, so hopefully this will help you in planning for that. Jenn is a super awesome girl who makes amazing cake designs, […]

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