Choosing your wedding colours

Along with the task of finding inspiration for your wedding day, a few brides I work with have needed some help with choosing their wedding colours. Sometimes they have no clue where to start and other times they have too many ideas! Choosing wedding colours are a great place to start to draw inspiration for […]


Cake pops and empty jars

A couple nights ago I hosted a dinner for my family at my place. I had a great time sharing my photos from my trip to Mexico and it was so good to have yummy sushi! I accented my table with some fun jars I got for free at the Drake Hotel’s annual warehouse sale. […]


Wedding-inspired holiday party ideas

Going along with my last post about fun holiday party ideas, I’ve brought to you a few ideas from my wedding experiences that can be easily implemented in your next house party over the holidays. Consider bringing some of these lavish ideas used at galas and weddings for your next holiday party (for a fraction […]


Moodboard: A winter wedding

With the cold weather ensuing, I started dreaming of what a winter wonderland type of wedding might look like. It definitely doesn’t happen often and I haven’t done one yet, but how interesting it would be! Imagine sparkle, sleigh rides and hot chocolate. You’d get some really fun photos if there was a nice snowfall, […]


Ideas from the BizBash party

Tonight I got a chance to check out a party hosted by BizBash, the leading trade source for the event industry, held at a new venue by the Distillery District, the Airship 37. The venue consisted of two spaces, separated by the entrance and a coat check. The first space was a warehouse space drenched […]


Etsy finds: Cute, coupley and customizable

DIY Handmade wedding - hitched

Is it me or is everyone getting engaged left, right and center? With so much talk about weddings, honeymoons and everything in between, I couldn’t help but take a gander at what new goodies I could find on Etsy. I definitely found some awesome stuff. Everything is customizable, as per the usual Etsy finds, which […]


Event designers who inspire me

Did you know there is a difference between event designers and event planners? Planning and designing are very different services. Planning focuses on the operations side of things while design is all about decor, spatial elements and visuals. Sometimes I’ll come across couples who want me to do everything – “Can you help me coordinate […]


Weddings in Honeysuckle: 2011 Pantone Colour of the Year

If you’ve ever picked up those thick bricks of paper with endless blocks of colours on them, you probably have seen a Pantone colour guide. Designers and printers typically use them as a universal reference point, but did you know that Pantone’s selection for colour of the year also impacts other industries? Pantone is the […]

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