My guest post on WeddingLovely!

Toronto Hunt Club wedding

If you haven’t already, make sure to check out my guest post on a wonderful blog for WeddingLovely. It is a curated website of wedding vendors and I wrote a post about what a Day-Of Coordinator takes care of. Have you ever wondered? Wonder no more! Read the guest post here. Rebecca Chan is a […]

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Bridal party gifts for a travel-themed wedding

I’ve been helping a couple with their destination wedding plans and I’ve been thinking about what sort of gifts they could give to their bridal party. There are so many wonderful ideas out on the interwebs for planning your perfect trip, but what I find always gets swept aside are thoughtful ways to say thank […]


A wedding planner and her wedding day emergency kit

Toronto Hunt Club wedding

As I prepare for a wedding next weekend, I am going through what I call the “wedding day emergency kit”, making sure I have stocked up on everything I might need. I say “might” because this kit is really for things that may or may not come up; all the just-in-case scenarios. Afterall, part of […]


Preparation is key to a smooth wedding day

When I am not involved in charity events and not planning weddings for couples, you can usually find me on the field playing ultimate. Yes, ultimate frisbee. Some might say it is the greatest sport ever invented by man. I’ve been playing since 2007 and I love it! I play all year round in a […]


Choosing your wedding colours

Along with the task of finding inspiration for your wedding day, a few brides I work with have needed some help with choosing their wedding colours. Sometimes they have no clue where to start and other times they have too many ideas! Choosing wedding colours are a great place to start to draw inspiration for […]


Hidden costs for venues

A wedding planner's wedding

I feel like I’m always on a never ending search for venues. Before it was for wedding clients and now I’m back at it for an event with the charity I work for. There are so many venues in Toronto of varying sizes, atmospheres and budgets. Many things determine what venue is right for you, […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 2

Many Chinese weddings come and go but not all are memorable. This series is all about the memorable and fun Chinese elements in a wedding. In my previous post I shared about an aunties and uncles’ choreographed dance routine to open up the evening (what a great idea!) and this week I share with you […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 1

Wedding planner's wedding, tea ceremony - Rebecca Chan

I cannot count on my hands and feet how many Chinese weddings I have attended or planned. There have just been too many. I love my Chinese friends and clients, and I especially love my own heritage, but sometimes I wonder how much of a Chinese wedding is done out of tradition and how much […]

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