Measure twice and cut once

In my four years of graphic design study, there was this huge emphasis on presentation. For every project we handed in (rough work and final product) we had to mount them professionally on black illustration board. Each mounted project had to be mounted exactly in the center of the board, with a label on the […]


Tips for your last month of wedding planning

Your seating chart is done, honeymoon is booked and you’re ready to say, “I do!” All that is left is to walk down the aisle, right? The month before your wedding is actually a crucial time to get all the final details together that will ultimately determine the success of your wedding day execution. Here […]

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Event designers who inspire me

Did you know there is a difference between event designers and event planners? Planning and designing are very different services. Planning focuses on the operations side of things while design is all about decor, spatial elements and visuals. Sometimes I’ll come across couples who want me to do everything – “Can you help me coordinate […]


Last minute details of an event

Courtesy of Matt Vuong Photography I’ve been MIA lately because it is about a week and change until Teens Conference with AFC. It’s a fairly complex annual student conference that I coordinate with a ton of volunteers involved and a packed program. Here were some things that have helped me a lot in planning this […]


Finding Inspiration for your Wedding Theme

The bride and groom take fun photos with giant balloons.

Many couples have already booked their big items, like their venue, photography, etc. Once you start looking at the smaller details, it is useful to have a theme in mind to tie it altogether. But where do you start? Some couples will have their theme thought out long ago and some have no clue where […]

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