Along with the task of finding inspiration for your wedding day, a few brides I work with have needed some help with choosing their wedding colours. Sometimes they have no clue where to start and other times they have too many ideas! Choosing wedding colours are a great place to start to draw inspiration for the rest of your planning. It will dictate the mood, your attire and the decor. Here are a few places I would start looking if I were you:

Preston Bailey’s Colour Palette Picker

If you have a main colour in mind but need to figure out complimentary colours, consider this great tool. Preston takes the whole wedding into account from your style to the venue to the lighting, then out pops a unique set of colours that could suit your day. Don’t like what you get? Play around with different combinations and see the different palettes that come up. He not only gives you one complimentary colour but often four, so you have some other shades to play around with in your bouquet, attire and decor elements.

Martha Stewart Weddings – Perfect Wedding Colour Palettes

If you are a bride who needs to see examples so you can picture it, this is a great place to look. Martha and her team have already put together sample colour combinations and give great ways to use those colours, from table settings to bouquets to escort cards. If Martha says it is a “perfect palette”, you can’t go wrong! MSW and Preston Bailey both provide “palettes” of colour, giving you a few colours to work with that compliment each other and not just one main colour.

The Knot’s Wedding Colours

The Knot has a hybrid of the colour picking tools. They break their colour palettes down very simply – Choose your main colour out of their list (only basic colours here! no canary yellows or lilacs here ladies). Then they give options to compliment the main colour, or you can choose to view photos of wedding elements in your selected colour. You won’t get the different tones and shades as you might in the first two tools but it is an easy way to visualize what you are looking for if you have a main colour in mind.

Your wedding colours get reflected in many elements of your wedding day, so don’t have any regrets and be decisive about it early on. Whatever colour(s) you end up choosing, explore many options and in the end, make sure you love it!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto wedding planner and day of wedding coordinator providing sophisticated planning for the style-savvy couple. Whether you need planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Rebecca can help you create your dream wedding day. Contact her today, she'd love to hear from you.

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