As an entrepreneur, social media is often the back bone to our marketing efforts. So it’s no wonder that it’s important to know how to use it well. Over the years, I have read blogs, followed best practices and made some mistakes. I think I’ve learned a thing or two about social media, but I’m always learning and improving. Here are a few of my lessons learned, in no particular order. Let me know what you think and what tips you have!

Always be positive in your messaging

Sometimes you may hate your job. Sometimes your clients are the worst. Sometimes you feel the need to share about it on social media. This is a mistake! Whether it’s on your personal or business page, keep your messaging positive. There is no room for negativity in your social media and it serves no benefit to vent online.

You never know who will read it, who is a potential client, an existing client, or friends with one of your clients.

You are always representing your brand, even when it is your personal page.

If you aren’t sure if a message might be interpretted positive or negative, it probably is more on the negative side and it’s probably best not to post it. Leave the ranting off record and with trusted friends and colleagues.

Post at the right times of the day

Apparently between 1-4pm people check out social media posts in the lull of their afternoon. Then again people check again 8-10pm in the evening when they’re hanging out at the couch or just waiting to go to bed.

We spend so much time on creating the perfect content. Make sure you post it at the right time, so it is seen.

Schedule your posts and post regularly

Consistency is key, so your readers/followers expect posts from you. Once a day is a good goal to strive towards.

If you’re bad at posting regularly, schedule your posts on Hootsuite or have an intern post for you. You can plan your content in advance, just like you plan your business or wedding day.

Don’t share bad posts

Sometimes you’re at this awesome wedding that you want to share about, but the lighting is terrible and all the photos you took are bad. Resist the urge to post it on your instagram feed!

Bad posts will just dilute your feed’s look and consistency, and will not add to your brand. Keep those posts to instagram stories instead, and wait for the professional images.

Create your own content

Often times when you are starting out, you don’t have the best images to share either because the weddings you have done aren’t portfolio worthy, or you are waiting on photos from past weddings still. You can still create content on your own.

Snap a photo from the cute coffee shops you visit or bridal stores you checked out. Buy some flowers and stage a cute flat lay at home. Share about industry events you have attended and tips for planning your day. Content can be created anywhere and it doesn’t always have to be a wedding.

Stay true to you

Yes, you have to do some filtering, and yes, you have to create content for marketing. But you always want to stay true to your message, brand and personality. You want it your social media ‘voice’ to be authentic to whatever your personality is. Don’t try to copy someone else’s style of talking or posting. Figure out what works for you and stick with it.

Well, those are my tips and tricks! Let me know what you have learned and if these are helpful!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto wedding planner and day of wedding coordinator providing sophisticated planning for the style-savvy couple. Whether you need planning assistance or wedding day coordination, Rebecca can help you create your dream wedding day. Contact her today, she'd love to hear from you.