Going along with my last post about fun holiday party ideas, I’ve brought to you a few ideas from my wedding experiences that can be easily implemented in your next house party over the holidays. Consider bringing some of these lavish ideas used at galas and weddings for your next holiday party (for a fraction of the cost too!). They really aren’t too hard to manage and won’t break the bank. They just need a little bit of love and some planning. Enjoy!

Make a simple photo booth
Buy some festive (or tacky) wrapping paper and make a backdrop out of them. Fabric from your local store or Ikea works well too. You may need more than one roll/sheet to get a good height and be sure not to get anything too shiny. Create some fun props out cardboard and popsicle sticks, or find some items at your nearest dollar store. Bring in a few stools or chairs and drape them with a fabric. For just a few dollars, you can create a makeshift photobooth for your guests to take fun pictures at. If you have a Mac laptop, it’s easy to just use their built in Photo Booth application. After the party, send the photos to your guests. Don’t forget to remind guests to bring their cameras!

Use centerpieces and floral accents to decorate
Centerpieces are often a big expense at a wedding because there are so many tables, but for a house party with only a couple main tables and seating areas, it isn’t so bad! Consider arranging something yourself by picking up some flowers from a local shop. Be open to mixing and matching what you find and remember to cut them to a height fit for your container. Use some mason jars or unexpected containers as vases and disperse them around the party. Throw in some floating candles and you’re set. They don’t have to be fancy or expensive to add a bit of ambience to a party!

You don’t need to look far to create a nice floral centerpiece
Photo credit: MattVPhotography from my event, A Sweets Affair

Add a dress code
Whether it is a wacky dress-up theme or a black tie affair, a dress code always makes a party more special. It also makes for great photos too! For a nice house party, consider something like black and white, 70’s glam, or James Bond. Or if you’re up for something fun, eras are great for a fun dress up and check out my last blog post about an ugly sweater party. The most important thing about a dress up party is if you are the host, make sure your outfit rocks!

A volunteer appreciation party I held the last two years for a NPO. Left is a 70’s theme and yours truly in a wickedly awesome 70’s dress from my mom’s closet. To the right are some rockin’ 90’s outfits from another year’s party.
Photo credit (right): MattVPhotography

Whatever party ideas you throw into your special night, keep your guests in mind and make sure to have fun. What are some fun and lavish ideas you’re planning on including in your parties this season?

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