I’m taking a break from my regularly scheduled blog posts to tell you that I’m engaged!

Last Friday I thought I was having a quiet night out with my boyfriend, and it turned out to be an elaborately planned proposal at the Gladstone Hotel! I was really taken back and was really genuinely surprised by it all. There was a huge excel file of planning involved, a list of people who kept it secret from me and a lot of thoughtfulness put into it.

A lot of people thought, ‘oh, he must get it from Rebecca’ but let me set the record straight – Ken is a really good date planner. No detail small or large is left unspoken for. When we go on dates, he even chooses the playlist that we listen to in the car to set the mood.

Without going into too many details here, I just want to say that I have the sweetest man by my side and an army of people supporting us on our journey. I feel so very blessed and am doing my best to enjoy this engagement period. Thank you everyone who was involved!

For the record, it’s actually quite challenging when you are both the wedding planner and client. It also doesn’t help when it feels like the world is watching and expecting it to be the grandest wedding of all… I’m not sure about it being the grandest but one thing I know – our wedding will reflect us. It will be fun, personal and untraditional with a splash of indie.

As always, keep posted here for my wedding tips and, now, insider info on how a wedding planner plans her wedding!

I’m really excited for the next few weeks because I’ll be working with Fair Trade Jewellery Company to design my own engagement ring! He proposed with the loaner ring, as mentioned in my last post about this local gem. I am beyond excited for it!

**Edit: View my post about designing my own custom engagement ring here!

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