My mind has been on bridesmaids dresses lately because I am picking out my own bridesmaids dresses with the ladies. It’s more challenging than I thought! Today I have a guest post from about how best to match your bridesmaids dress to the style of your wedding gown.

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Choosing bridesmaid dresses is often a daunting decision. There are different body types to account for, different colors to choose from, and so many options for silhouettes. One way to narrow the field of options is by matching bridesmaid dresses to your wedding gown. Below are a few rules-of-thumb for coordinating your bridesmaid’s dresses with your own wedding day look.


When matching bridesmaid dresses to your gown, it is more important for the dresses to be as formal as each other, rather than matching in individual details. For example, a very formal wedding would call for long bridesmaid gowns, versus casual cocktail dresses. Similarly, if your wedding dress is short and casual, you will want to dress your bridesmaids in something equally informal. Matching dresses in terms of formality helps to create a cohesive look among the group.

Distinguishing Characteristics

Many brides want their bridesmaids to wear dresses that closely resemble their own wedding gown. Having each girl wear a dress that mimics the bridal dress style, but does not exactly match, is usually the best way to go. After all, you want to be the star on your wedding day, and will likely not feel that way if several other girls are essentially wearing your wedding dress. When choosing dresses of a similar style to your own, look for characteristics that will distinguish the dresses from the bridal gown. A different length, neckline, or color can differentiate between your gown and the bridesmaid dresses, while still matching in overall style.

Different Dresses

It is possible to match bridesmaid dresses to your wedding gown without forcing each girl to wear the same dress. Convertible dresses allow the bodice and straps to be customized for each girl, while the skirt style remains identical on each gown. By having each girl wear the same color and skirt style, the group will look pulled-together, regardless of any details that don’t exactly match.

Matching your bridesmaid’s dresses to your own is the best way to ensure that your entire party looks as pulled-together as possible. Remember to have their dresses nod towards yours, instead of being exact replicas. By dressing your bridesmaids in gowns that closely resemble your wedding gown, you will be creating a look that the whole group can be proud of on the big day. is an online retailer of quality wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses, and wedding accessories. We currently offer all our wedding dresses in twenty-eight colors so you can mix and match to fit any wedding palette.

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