Hi everyone! This week I have a special treat for you. It is a guest post from 1KW, a photographer in Toronto, and his post below is a fun topic – 4 ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer. Any guy planning a proposal should definitely consider hiring a ninja photographer to capture the special moment. Enjoy!

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

You’ve heard it before.

Where the couple tries to explain the moment he popped the question.
The nervous state he expressed as he lowered himself on one knee.
The excitement and the energy they she felt when he revealed the ring.
And, of course, the expression they both shared when she said “Yes”.

We’ve all heard this before – it’s charming and exciting, but have you ever seen it caught on film? Have you seen the “on bended knee proposal” in an engagement album or even the “she just said yes kiss” as a hold the date wedding invitation? This is the essence of a secret engagement photography session.

“How” you ask? Because we are photography ninjas.

Talking to all men, take a moment from your childhood and imagine a ninja – not the “ninja turtle” variety – they were an awesome cartoon back in the day but not realistic. Rather, picture the ancient legends and folklore of a ninja… what do you see? In fact, do you see them at all?

According to legends or a childhood memories for the best ninjas you don’t even know that they are there. We operateour secret engagements using many of the same principles… and we are quite proud of that. Exploring some of the greatest concepts of the practice of the ninja culture, is not as hard as it seems. All you need is great strategist like an event planner and an artist like a secret engagement photographer.

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Ninja Trait 1: Bo-Ryaku

How are we practitioners of Bo-Ryaku (strategy) you ask? We, being the event planner and photographer, will meet with you from beginning to end regarding your engagement plans. We are always so excited to not only hear your vision of the day, but serve as a sounding board and an additional creative thinker as you aim to make this special and show stopping in your partners minds. Remember two heads or even three are better than one??

During a recent surprise shoot at Niagara Falls, with an awesome groom to be Blake (backlink can be here as well) we devised not only plans for where we would “meet” but how I and when he would indicate the big moment. A “bat signal” if you will – Blake would stretch out his arms before he made his move. You’re smiling, we know, but trust us it works. Arms up and I got ready with my camera to snap away. If we had not taken the time to devise a signal though it may feel like an eternity the precious moment can happen in a blink of an eye.

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Ninja Trait 2: Cho Ho

Not only do we have to work out our strategy, but we must work on our ability to practice some level of Cho Ho (Espionage). Why do we most men typically love every Bond movie? The Bond character tends to be smart, funny, brave, and to fool us right in front of our face. Before she knows it, you and her are the stars of a “show” she didn’t even know she was attending.

Like ninjas, Cho Ho (Espinoage) our methods of successful espionage were perfected. Not only is it important to capture the secret engagement on film, equally important is to recruit others in on the plan. Great event planners have numerous connections and vendor relationships to help with your engagement planning and setup – all the way to the big day…

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Ninja Trait 3: Henso-Jutsu

The day of the event, don’t worry, we don’t look like a ninja with full face paint. Instead we master the art of Henso-Jutsu (Disguise and Impersonation) by assuming false identities and moving undetected through what ever situation has been planned.

We promise even when noticed your future bride will mistake us for another tourist (actually the photographer) with a camera taking pictures of his wife (actually the event planner or second photographer). How? We discreetly position a second individual close to the couple so even if we are discovered it would appear that I’m just another guy taking in the sites with his wife. Though we do eventually reveal ourselves after you pop the question by asking you to point us out in the crowd.

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Ninja Trait 4: Shinobi-Iri

One of the ninja’s greatest tactical methods Shinobi-Iri (Stealth and Entering Methods) is one of our greatest assets. Togakure ryu ninja learned special walking and running methods for covering long distances, passing over floors silently, and for staying in the shadows while moving, in order to facilitate entry and escape. . Although there were a few moment’s that I thought I may have lost them, I sprinted all over Niagara Falls to catch Blake’s important moment – I wouldn’t have missed it for the world! Yes, we have to stay fit to catch the exact moment when she says I do.

Now knowing all this, if you could have a ninja (or two) on your team for your big day, why wouldn’t you?

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

1KW Photography is a husband and wife team based out of the GTA who not only love wedding photography, but love secret engagement photo sessions more. Like what you read here? Check out more about them here:1kwphoto.com

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