I’ve had a busy couple of weekends attending wedding shows and this week I’ve gathered some great food inspiration from The Wedding Co. Show 2013 just for you! It was much calmer than the Wedluxe Show, so you could actually talk to vendors and see the full booth for what it was worth.

Some of the wedding vendors were at both Wedluxe and Wedding Co. Show so I won’t repeat them here. What I will share here are some ideas for fun and interactive food displays. A great display will get mouths watering and we all know that we eat with our eyes first. As a bonus, I’ve included some drop dead gorgeous wedding gowns!

Food Inspiration from the Wedding Co. Show

The Shangri-La Toronto showcased their creativity with a fun display that turned uber fun when I realized it was a cotton candy tree! It’s such a whimsical idea, love it. If you actually did this at a wedding, you’d have to ensure that the branches were clean before putting the cotton candy on!

Wedding Co Show Shangri-La Cotton candy treeInteractive cotton candy treeInteractive cotton candy tree

Neptuno had their mobile bar of delicious gourmet oysters. They were garnished with custom created condiments like red wine shallot vinaigrette and passion fruit relish. Having an oyster bar with an artistic flavour would make any guest’s night!

Wedding Co Show Neptuno oyster bar

Usually candy buffets aren’t too impressive (been there, done that right?) but LOL candy had a display that was anything but boring. Their mini champagne bubblies gave it a nice gourmet touch and the glitter-dipped oreos on a stick looked especially decadent!

LOL Candy buffet
Wedding Co Show LOL Candy oreo
LOL Candy buffet champagne

Paulette’s is known in town for their fried chicken and donuts, but have you seen a donut cake at a wedding yet? Perfect for a comfort food station or as a cake alternative, these gourmet donuts will make guests real sugar happy.

Wedding Co Show Paulette's donutsPaulette's donuts

One of my favourite caterers Daniel et Daniel shows that even breakfast food can be reinvented and served in a new way. Delish maple glazed mini pancakes (bite-size!) and little breakfast sandwiches were new twists to classics.

Wedding Co Show Daniel et DanielDaniel et Daniel breakfast minis


Gorgeous Ines Di Santo gowns

Yum, I’d love to outfit my wedding with all of these foods, wouldn’t you? Speaking of outfit, as promised here were some outstanding dresses on display from designer Ines Di Santo at the Wedding Co. Show 2013. Such a nice mix of glamour and romance in these dresses!

Ines Di Santo dress

Ines Di Santo dress

Ines Di Santo dress

Thank you to Therese from Artiese for the beautiful photos! Here we are taking some photos for ourselves in the sweet Snapshot Photobooth.

Snapshot Photobooth with Artiese

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