One recent email conversation with a bride-to-be was about how she would decide on the venue first and then see if she had enough money left in her budget for wedding planning services. My post today and my reply to this comment is that wedding planners are not simply an expense but they can actually save a couple money. Really, it’s not a sales pitch, it’s true! How, you ask? Here are a few ways that a wedding planner can save you money.

Photo credit: Captured by Cassidy

A wedding planner is up-to-date on the news

Wedding planners are the first to be contacted when a venue or vendors have new promotions, openings or discounts. They want planners to let their clients know. When I attend event conferences, for example, venues will sometimes have great promotions just for our clients.

Our network of Canadian Certified wedding coordinators keep each other updated on the latest promotions and deals as well, so you can bet that a deal will pass through the hands of your planner if you had something specific in mind or they can surely find a great deal.

A wedding planner can get you discounts

The most obvious way a planner can save you money is through discounts, aka hookups! I have built relationships with vendors over the years that I’ve worked with and they can offer my clients a discount. They want to know that the clients are going to be easy to work with and have a reputable planner helping them out (it makes their job easier!).

Discounts range from 10-20% off what the vendor would charge you normally without a planner referral. This can be significant if you do end up spending on them and it certainly adds up! With floral for example, a typical bride may spend anywhere from $1500-5000 on bouquets, arrangements and centerpieces so even a 10% discount will make a big difference.

A wedding planner is a resource

Even without discounts, a wedding planner is a great resource in sharing best practices in planning and securing your vendors. If you’ve never planned a big event before, you won’t know whether you require all the extra add-ons they are trying to sell you or if you are able to find them elsewhere for a better price.

Because I plan numerous weddings and events every year, you can be sure to ask me about whether something is a good deal or if something is a great deal, or if there are hidden fees that you should be aware of in calculating costs.

Couples are starting to realize that hiring a professional wedding planner is not just a luxury expense, but an imperative service if you are wanting to get the best for your wedding day. Contact me today and let’s get started on talking about your wedding!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto event designer and event planner. If you have a brand activation, media launch event, design project, trade show or a special event, connect with her today to see how we can collaborate on your next project.