For couples looking for a unique way to display their wedding portraits, Kevin Halfhill creates really stunning bespoke geometric wedding portraits. After you send him a few photos, he creates a unique design from your portrait (no photoshop filters here!) for a truly one of a kind art piece. Every triangle of the collage is hand-drawn. Each piece is a geometric collage, resulting in a crystalline-looking masterpiece. It reminds me of a modern rendition of stained glass.

Displaying your wedding photos as is is nice and quite traditional. But displaying something like this can be quite the conversational starter at home! Especially since geometric shapes are so in right now.

Bespoke Geometric Wedding Portraits

He created a beautiful piece for me from a photo I supplied from my wedding. Take a look below at the original and what he created. It’s so unique and fun!

Bespoke Geometric Wedding Portrait

Bespoke Geometric Wedding Portrait

There’s also a 25% promo until Valentines day. If you’re interested in your own bespoke geometric wedding portrait, click here to go to Kevin Halfhill’s website.

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