Your big vendors are booked, and the big day is approaching. You’re starting to worry about the little details coming together and how everything will look. Don’t worry – this is normal! With such an important celebration up ahead, it’s normal to feel a bit anxious about it all. If you are starting to think about how everything will look when it is all put together, read on for my tips on how to style your wedding day with colour.

Your goal is for everything to look cohesive and put together. Here are a few tips!

Keep in the same colour palette

How to style your wedding day with colour

This one might be obvious, but it should be the first thing you decide on when it comes to ‘look’.

To keep a cohesive look, I recommend using 3 main colours for your wedding day style.

Some additional accent colours in the same colour family is fine. One of those colours should be a neutral, like white, grey, gold or silver. The neutral colours will help balance out your look.

If you have a favourite colour, that might be a good place to start. If you don’t have any colours that are obviously your top picks, head to Pinterest to see what might excite you.

Apply your wedding colours

How to style your wedding day with colour - gold and tangerine cake

Now that you have a colour palette chosen, you will want to consider how you will apply the colours in how you style your wedding day.

For example, if your wedding colours are light pink, mint and gold, you could have light pink as your dominant colour, mint and gold as your accents.

Obvious choices for dominant places for the colours include:
Bridesmaid dresses or groomsmen ties/bowties
– Bouquets and boutineeres
– Centrepieces
– Cake and dessert table
– Receiving table linen
Wedding day signage or stationary

With the accent colours, you can apply them in smaller doses, including:
– Guest table linens (if your centrepiece is the dominant colour)
– Ribbons of the bouquets
– Bride’s accessories or shoes
– Favours
– Hits of it in the bouquet or centrepiece flowers

It is useful to have 3 colours, since there are so many areas where you can apply colour. If you only had two colours (ie red and gold), everything would be pink and it would be quite overwhelming. Adding one more accent colour like mint or white, will help give balance to the look.

Using two strong colours together

How to style your wedding day with colour - gold, red and tangerine place setting

If you have two strong colours in your colour palette, always balance them out when used together. For example, this photoshoot featured in this post was styled in the colours red, gold and accents of tangerine.

The gold and red are quite strong, so wherever I used one, I added the other nearby so it wasn’t too bold. I added the tangerine so there would be an additional accent colour.

I used red floral, all in the same type, grouped together in their containers. Because the red is so bold, I used gold as the vases. We added in some texture with the open pomegranate and tangerines, to ease the eyes a bit.

Additional places to apply the colour

If you have the budget to add some extra items of interest to your table, here are some additional ideas for applying your wedding colours:

How to style your wedding day with colour - gold, red and tangerine place setting

Rent chargers and flatware to match the colour scheme. When rented, you can ask for the chargers to stay on the dinner table for the duration of the meal (where usually they are taken away before the main).

How to style your wedding day with colour - Gold straws

Coloured paper straws are increasingly popular for bar decoration. Place them into a cute jar by the bar and let guests take them for their drinks. Gold straws above from Weddingstar.

How to style your wedding day with colour - gold ghost chairs

Chairs are a great place to add colour. As with chargers, they will have to be rented in multiples based on your guest count, so the price tag will add up. But it really transforms a room from drab to fab! Above are the ghost chairs in gold.

How to style your wedding day with colour - dress for the occasion

If you have a special party dress or if you have a dog or flower girl, make sure not to leave them out! Dress them up in your colours too, and it will look great for photos.

I hope that gives you a good start for how to style your wedding with colour. Thanks for reading and happy planning!

For more about this themed styled shoot featured in this post, click here.

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto event designer and event planner. If you have a brand activation, media launch event, design project, trade show or a special event, connect with her today to see how we can collaborate on your next project.