Today I have a treat for you! I have a guest post from Karen Tsoi, Co-Founder of Pastel Dress Party, share about 5 bridesmaids dress trends for modern weddings. Pastel Dress Party is a new online shop for brides and bridesmaids to build custom made dresses, so they are a great resource for ideas! I hope you find some inspiration for your upcoming wedding day!

We know the Bride will be stunning with all the spa sessions, make-up and hair trials, wedding gown shopping trips with her girls… but what about her girls? They will need to look perfect beside the blushing Bride to complete the perfect picture, don’t they?

Now that you are part of the bridal party, other than planning all the fun stuffs like engagement party, bridal shower and bachelorette party, you can also give your Bride-to-be some guidance on the wardrobe she will be pic

We wanted to share a couple of bridesmaid dress trends with you so you can kick off the conversation amongst the girls and perhaps arrive to a decision that everyone would love!

Bridesmaid Dress Trend #1: Mix and Match Styles, but Same Color / Color Palette

Bridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - Same colour but different styleBridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - Same colour but different style

The bride chooses the color, it will create a dream wedding for her, but she realizes that not all girls look good with the same dress. We often see brides allowing their bridesmaids the freedom to choose the style they want but in the specified wedding color. Here is a solution where every bridesmaid gets to be in a style that she is comfortable with, so everyone can pose for photos with confidence on the Big Day.

Bridesmaid Dress Trend # 2: Mix and Match Colors, but Same Style

Bridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - Different colour but same style

Are you or do you know anyone that has a strong opinion about certain colors? I’m sure you have heard words like “I can’t stand pink.”… “Green is not a flattering color on me.” This new trend will satisfy everyone. The bride chooses the dress but allows the bridesmaids the choose different colors. The colors are usually preselected to make sure they don’t clash, but anything is better than being stuck with a color you absolutely want to avoid, right?

Bridesmaid Dress Trend # 3: Mix and Match Colors and Styles

Vibrant or pastel, the bride chooses a family of colors that would create a perfectly harmonized picture. Bridesmaids then search for their preferred style under the color guideline. This provides a lot of freedom for the bridesmaids, where they can choose and pay for a dress that they know they would wear again, which also makes this trend environmentally friendly!

Bridesmaid Dress Trend #4: Sparkles

Bridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - sparkly dressesBridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - sparkly dresses

Spice up the bridal party by adding some bling-bling to the dress. The girls will sparkle through the wedding venue, completing the picture of an enchanted wedding.

Bridesmaid Dress Trend # 5: Floral

Bridesmaid dress trends for modern weddings - floral

Floral printed bridesmaid dresses transform the entire bridal party into forest fairies. It is oh-so-romantic, and we see a lot of brides opting for this rather than a specific color.

Which trend do you love the most? We would love to know!

xo Karen

About Pastel Dress Party

Pastel Dress Party provides beautiful, custom-fit dresses for bridal parties and special occasions that are affordable, high quality and versatile enough to wear time and again. Each dress is handmade and unique according to the client’s chosen style, color and measurements. While the process happens mainly online and virtually, Pastel Dress Party accommodates the decision-making process by providing free sample swatches of material, and guarantees the dress to be delivered within 45 days with worldwide shipping included.

Photo Source: Jarvie Digital, Colin Colwie Wedding,, RokChoi Photography

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