All winter long, we look forward to summer for its heat and sunshine. Ice cream, bonfires, stargazing and so much more take on a whole new meaning in the summertime. Summer weddings are incredible for this reason, but they also can be hot and uncomfortable for wedding guests. Here are some summer wedding ideas to keep guests happy and to take your outdoor wedding to a whole new level. We especially love personalizing wedding details and having wedding decor serve double duty too!

Summer wedding ideas – Ceremony program fans

Summer wedding ideas - Wedding ceremony fans

Source: Weddingstar

If you are hosting a wedding ceremony outdoors and in the summer time, chances are it will be warm! I personally hate printing wedding ceremony programs on pieces of paper because it becomes garbage after the short 30 minute ceremony. However if you print it on a fan that guests can use to keep cool, it serves double duty and it will be used all day! You don’t even need to include a program. You can simply include a cute photo and a welcome message to add a personal touch. Since the ceremony is the first thing guests experience for your wedding, you want to include nice personalized touches here.

Summer wedding ideas – Personalized sunglasses

Source: Beau-coup

I love a cute wedding favour that can be worn. These cute wedding sunglasses are a fun photo opp and a great place to personalize with a fun hashtag or catch phrase from your wedding. If the wedding ceremony is outdoors, have a basket of sunnies available before guests get seated. If your cocktail hour is outdoors, a basket of fun sunglasses would be a great addition to the reception table alongside the guestbook or money box. Keep them all one colour, or two colours so guests have a choice.

Summer wedding ideas – Ice cream and gelato

Summer wedding ideas - Ice cream truck

Cool your guests down with a cold treat! If your ceremony and reception are in separate locations, this is a great opportunity to include a fun ice cream truck before guests head off to the cocktail hour later in the day. Typically if you are getting married at a church, your ceremony will be in the late morning or early afternoon, leaving an awkward gap for your guests before dinner. Book an ice cream truck for after the ceremony, so guests have a nice treat. You can usually book these out by the hour or pay for what your guests consume. 

If you have everything at one venue, consider a late night gelato station as a sweet treat to end off the night. Usually gelato bars can offer 5-7 different flavours, which allows guests to try multiple flavours throughout the night. Some gelato companies will even create custom flavours for you.

Ice cream and gelato are always a huge hit for guests in the summer! Who can say no to ice cream??


Summer wedding ideas – Keeping bug-free

Backyard tented Ontario wedding. Photos by Aron Goss and coordination by
Source: Aron Goss Photography

If you will be hosting your wedding ceremony near a wooded area (hello Kortright Centre!) or hosting a tented reception outdoors, remember to provide bug spray or lotion for your guests. The summer is when the little pests are out and you don’t want your guests to get eaten alive during the ceremony or cocktail hour. They will thank you for it!

For a daytime ceremony, sunscreen is also an invaluable toiletry to include. If you are hosting a wedding at a home or cottage, flashlights can also be helpful.

I like putting all these types of small toiletry items in a cute basket and offering them at the welcome table, alongside the guestbook and money box so no one will miss it.

Summer wedding ideas – Personalized water station

Summer wedding idea - Beverage station
Source: Weddingstar

So many of our guests host summer wedding ceremonies in the height of the afternoon, when the sun is beaming down of everyone. While we don’t usually recommend this (golden hour 2 hours before sunset is actually the best time), usually the clients are dictated by what is offered at the venue. If you have to host a wedding ceremony right in the afternoon and outdoors, your guests will be hot and thirsty afterwards guaranteed. A cold beverage station is a must, but how about a personalized beverage station? I love these cute labels from Weddingstar, to bring a touch of personalization to this small detail. Fill a tub with ice, and toss these in. They will look so cute!

Summer wedding ideas – Bubbly Station

Summer wedding ideas - Bubbly station

If you are looking for something a little fancier than a water station, how about a bubble station? We love the idea of having guests enter the cocktail hour with a drink in hand already. No one wants to wait in line at the bar right away, so this is a great way to relieve the bar and give guests a chance to get a sip of something cool and refreshing.

If you are hosting a summer wedding, make sure to put your guests comfort and experience top of mind. Try one or a few of our ideas here to personalize your wedding while keeping guests cool. They will thank you for it!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto event designer and event planner. If you have a brand activation, media launch event, design project, trade show or a special event, connect with her today to see how we can collaborate on your next project.