So you’ve done your makeup trial and you love your look! You want to duplicate your look for other occasions (engagement party, rehearsal dinner, or just normal going out) without having to book a makeup artist every time. What are your options? I recommend taking a makeup lesson with your makeup artist so that you can learn the same techniques for an every day look, while learning what to upgrade in your makeup kit. It will be well worth it!

I have used Jen Evoy Makeup Studio a number of occasions for TV appearances or photoshoots and love how contoured and defined my face looks. I never thought I could recreate the look myself, but then I learned she did makeup lessons. I set up a time with Jen Evoy herself for a makeup lesson to learn the ins and outs for how to recreate the glammed up makeup look myself. She taught me how to do a more dressed up version of my everyday makeup, and it was so eye opening! My own makeup routine was a bit dull before, and you can really only tell when you see the looks side by side.

Jen Evoy Makeup Lesson Before
My before look, where I did my makeup myself (I look like I have nothing on!)

Jen Evoy Makeup Lesson after
After the makeup lesson (I did half my face myself). Wow, what a difference!

Sorry I looked like I was on my phone a lot, I was jotting down notes!

Some key things I learned

Importance of choosing the right lashes
In the before photo, you can see the lashes that I would typically pick out for myself. They have a winged out and heavier outer eye. Jen pointed out that this actually elongates my eyes, making them look more narrow rather than opening them up (crap!). In the after photo, she picked out a new pair of lashes for me that had more evenly dispersed lash length, and it opens up my eye so much more!

Foundation makes such a difference
I used to only wear a light layer of BB cream and call it a day. I always thought I’d look too pale and dead with just foundation, but I learned to not only apply foundation, but also to set it properly, and add depth back into the face with bronzer, highlighter and blush. The end result contours my face well, and accentuates the features I already have.

It’s great to get a refresher
We go about our everyday routine typically doing the same look. It’s always a good idea to get a refresher on new techniques and products to use, especially from a pro who uses new products all the time.

It’s not as daunting as you think
Now that I have had a month or two to practice this new makeup routine, I have realized it isn’t as daunting as one might think to change up the makeup routine. I was worried it would add too many steps and that I would forget or that it would be a hassle. But I find I enjoy the process of putting on the makeup and it has been very manageable. It only takes a few times to put it into practice and remember all the steps.

The verdict

All in all, the makeup lesson was well worth it. Your face is the first thing someone sees, whether you are meeting people for work or seeing people at a pre-wedding occasion. When you know you look good, you feel more confident and it shows through in your actions. With a wedding, you have an engagement party, rehearsal dinner, and so many other occasions! You probably have some weddings to attend yourself. Invest in yourself and consider a makeup lesson. You can thank me later!

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto event designer and event planner. If you have a brand activation, media launch event, design project, trade show or a special event, connect with her today to see how we can collaborate on your next project.