This year has been a bit challenging for anyone trying to plan a wedding. A global pandemic has forced a lot of couples to reimagine their wedding plans or postpone the whole celebration.

Micro Wedding in Toronto with Cherry Blossoms
A micro wedding we planned in Toronto just last month.
Florist: The Social Rose, Photo credit: Purple Tree Photography

Couples who have had to look forward to their special date for months and years are often opting to celebrate with a smaller wedding instead (we’re calling them micro weddings!).

Holding a micro wedding is a fantastic way to celebrate the sentiment of what was your original wedding date, with some of your closest family and friends.

If you are planning a micro wedding, here are a few of my tips:

Reimagine Something Different

If you have had to reschedule your wedding day, but are opting to celebrate in a smaller way this year, this is your chance to do something different!

Be bold, be different, and think outside of the box.

So many of our wedding clients want “classic” and “timeless” weddings. 90% of our weddings tend to be white weddings or blush-coloured weddings.

With a smaller wedding, you can consider something different without needing it to be classic, because this is not technically the official wedding.

Consider a different colour palette and a different style of dress! This is a fantastic opportunity to try something new.

Celebrate at Home

Lots of couples are deciding to hold a small ceremony at home, in lieu of holding it at a venue.

At home celebrations offer more flexibility, however you do have to consider the extra work that is involved (which leads to our next point).

Make sure you have thought through what it means to host an event at your home.

Do you have enough washrooms for your guests? Will you have a rain backup plan? Is your kitchen big enough for prepping and serving food?

We love an at-home wedding, but make sure you do the prep work to ensure your guests will be comfortable and taken care of.

We have gotten so many bookings for our White Glove Weddings for couples who are hosting small weddings at home.

Hire Help

If you are serving food of any kind, or have over 20 guests, we highly recommend hiring some help!

If you are looking to serve food, renting plates and furniture is a great way to offset some of the work involved. When you rent plates, you don’t need to clean them after (so great!).

Hiring a caterer is also a fantastic way to have a little extra help for an at-home wedding. Often they can bring a chef or some staff to assist with clean up and plating.

If you are opting to do a lot of things yourself, hiring a planner is helpful to assist with styling, setting up decor, greeting guests, and, of course, coordinating your ceremony.

Personalize Your Small Wedding

With a smaller guest count, you can put personal touches on parts of your wedding that would not be possible with a large guest count.

Consider writing a thank you card for each guest, or personalizing their menus with their name on it.

You can also get great favours that would be too expensive for a larger guest count, but aren’t too expensive for a more intimate wedding.

No matter what you do with your micro wedding this year, know that it is just as special and unique, even as a smaller celebration. Make the most of the opportunity!

You will look back on this chaotic year and remember how you both persevered and still enjoyed the moment together.

Looking for some help with planning your micro wedding? Check out our 2021 offerings here with White Glove Weddings.

Rebecca Chan is a Toronto event designer and event planner. If you have a brand activation, media launch event, design project, trade show or a special event, connect with her today to see how we can collaborate on your next project.