Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 2

Many Chinese weddings come and go but not all are memorable. This series is all about the memorable and fun Chinese elements in a wedding. In my previous post I shared about an aunties and uncles’ choreographed dance routine to open up the evening (what a great idea!) and this week I share with you […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 1

Wedding planner's wedding, tea ceremony - Rebecca Chan

I cannot count on my hands and feet how many Chinese weddings I have attended or planned. There have just been too many. I love my Chinese friends and clients, and I especially love my own heritage, but sometimes I wonder how much of a Chinese wedding is done out of tradition and how much […]


Event planning blunders: Sushi at cocktail hour

They say wedding/event planners are the worst guests because they criticize everything. I’ve gone to so many events and weddings where I shake my head at the rookie mistakes I see. So I thought I’d start sharing some of these things I see, in hopes that people learn from them. Here goes my first one! […]


Venue Coordinator VS. Wedding Day Coordinator

Do you know the difference between a venue coordinator vs. wedding day coordinator? I have been scouting out venues for a couple I am working with and I keep seeing venues that boast an “Event Coordinator on-site to help the couple”. As enticing as this sounds, the reality is that the venue coordinator is not […]