Wedding-inspired holiday party ideas

Going along with my last post about fun holiday party ideas, I’ve brought to you a few ideas from my wedding experiences that can be easily implemented in your next house party over the holidays. Consider bringing some of these lavish ideas used at galas and weddings for your next holiday party (for a fraction […]


Fun holiday party ideas

I just got back from the beautiful Mayan Riviera, Mexico, and I have to shift modes from vacation to holidays (sigh). At least it’s not snowing yet! It’s only the first week of December and I have my first holiday party this coming Friday for my significant other’s company shindig. It’s being held at The […]


Hidden costs for venues

A wedding planner's wedding

I feel like I’m always on a never ending search for venues. Before it was for wedding clients and now I’m back at it for an event with the charity I work for. There are so many venues in Toronto of varying sizes, atmospheres and budgets. Many things determine what venue is right for you, […]


Moodboard: A winter wedding

With the cold weather ensuing, I started dreaming of what a winter wonderland type of wedding might look like. It definitely doesn’t happen often and I haven’t done one yet, but how interesting it would be! Imagine sparkle, sleigh rides and hot chocolate. You’d get some really fun photos if there was a nice snowfall, […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 3

My last two posts have highlighted some of my favourite moments at weddings with just what the title says – unique Chinese wedding elements. Part 1 was about a friend’s wedding with their aunts and uncles opening up the reception with a choreographed dance and Part 2 featured my cousin’s wedding at her lion dance […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 2

Many Chinese weddings come and go but not all are memorable. This series is all about the memorable and fun Chinese elements in a wedding. In my previous post I shared about an aunties and uncles’ choreographed dance routine to open up the evening (what a great idea!) and this week I share with you […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 1

Wedding planner's wedding, tea ceremony - Rebecca Chan

I cannot count on my hands and feet how many Chinese weddings I have attended or planned. There have just been too many. I love my Chinese friends and clients, and I especially love my own heritage, but sometimes I wonder how much of a Chinese wedding is done out of tradition and how much […]


Event planning blunders: Sushi at cocktail hour

They say wedding/event planners are the worst guests because they criticize everything. I’ve gone to so many events and weddings where I shake my head at the rookie mistakes I see. So I thought I’d start sharing some of these things I see, in hopes that people learn from them. Here goes my first one! […]


Venue Coordinator VS. Wedding Day Coordinator

Do you know the difference between a venue coordinator vs. wedding day coordinator? I have been scouting out venues for a couple I am working with and I keep seeing venues that boast an “Event Coordinator on-site to help the couple”. As enticing as this sounds, the reality is that the venue coordinator is not […]