Influencer Mailers need to stand out from the crowd, as influencers are increasingly getting more and more mail. We specialize in creating unique and experiential influencer mailers that will WOW influencers. We worked with Herbal Essences to highlight their new Aloe and Hemp Collection with a unique terrarium influencer mailer.

The terrarium featured an aloe plant, mini orchid and two herb plants. The products sat in a wood planter, so that they were front and center in the terrarium. Lastly a vintage style misting bottle and note card completed the mailer. A moss-lined tray helped keep the terrarium stable when they were sent out with a courier.

It was truly a unique mailer that was so well received. These unique influencer mailers were sent to recipients in Toronto and Montreal.

This unique influencer mailer was a terrarium filled with live plants and herbs, fitting to the brand’s new plant-based collection.

Lots of trial and error was needed to ensure each planter would fit inside the terrarium snuggly for transport.

Custom plant identifier tags were created in the brand’s font with care instructions in the brand’s voice.

The products were highlighted in this raised wood planter.

We designed a note card featuring plant imagery to complete the package.

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