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The Rebecca Chan Masterclass is a one-day intensive for budding wedding planners and professionals wanting to gain valuable insight to grow and take the next step in their business.

Designed around small group learning, Rebecca shares her knowledge and expertise in a candid and open forum.

Registration includes a full day of workshop sessions, breakfast, coffee/tea breaks, and a special seated lunch that is a unique Q&A time with Rebecca and the guest speakers. 

This is an exclusive opportunity to learn from Rebecca’s decade of personal and business experience, ask questions specific to your needs, and learn how to bring your inspirations to life.

True to the brand, you can be sure that the Masterclass will be beautifully styled, offering instagrammable moments around each turn.

Masterclass Format

There will be morning and afternoon workshop sessions, and a seated lunch with Rebecca and the guest speakers where you can ask your questions over delicious food and drink from Oliver & Bonacini and live music.

Rebecca Chan Workshop 2018 - Modern Spring-Inspired Lunch

Topics Covered To Include:

  • Branding, Social media, Instagram tips
  • Pricing strategies and Building a team
  • Designing with clients, Building a Portfolio
  • Dealing with difficult clients and issues

Who Should Attend?

This one-day masterclass was developed after hearing from many up-and-coming wedding planners asking the same questions and sharing the same concerns on growing their practice.

How do I price my services and value my work?

How do I find the right clients?

How do I promote myself best?

How do I expand my business?

What are the next steps for my business?

If you’ve ever asked any of these questions, this masterclass is for you.

If you are not a wedding planner, but are in the wedding industry, you are welcome to join. Almost all of the sessions have transferable teachings for many businesses in the wedding industry, however there will be some instances where we discuss wedding planning specific knowledge.

Don’t Miss Out

The last time this workshop was offered was early 2018. Do not miss your chance to learn again from Rebecca Chan this time. Very limited seating available.

See what you missed at the last masterclass workshop.