Bespoke Geometric Wedding Portraits by Kevin Halfhill

Bespoke Geometric Wedding Portrait

For couples looking for a unique way to display their wedding portraits, Kevin Halfhill creates really stunning bespoke geometric wedding portraits. After you send him a few photos, he creates a unique design from your portrait (no photoshop filters here!) for a truly one of a kind art piece. Every triangle of the collage is hand-drawn. […]


Best wedding website ever!

Ok I stumbled upon this wedding website from WeddingLovely and it is pretty fabulous. It’s not just good, it’s knock-your-socks-off kind of good. It’s the story of how this couple met, started dating, got engaged and then finishes off by inviting guests to enter the website to RSVP for their wedding day. Let me tell […]


Thanks for coming to Pong For Poverty!

For anyone following along, my apologies for the late post! The last few weeks have been crazy busy. At the charity I work for, Yonge Street Mission, Prince Charles visited for an event that I helped coordinate logistics for. I got to shake his hand too! That was pretty exciting. Then the Pong For Poverty […]