We had a blast designing the Sky Full Of Stars activation at Oshawa Centre, alongside the team at GG Media Group. We designed a light tunnel that led into a planetarium experience, with a “wall of wishes” for guests to give a bracelet and take a bracelet, benefiting Lakeridge Health. It was an experiential activation with fun photo opps, and we were thrilled to be a part of it.

GOAL: To create an immersive and experiential experience leading into the planetarium.

SERVICES: Full design and build of light tunnel, photo opp, wish walls and planetarium design and build.

Photo credit: Indigo Events

A mirrored floor vinyl was added for extra reflectiveness of the light tunnel.

The floor featured reflective silver stars throughout.

Moon and stars with neon sign photo opportunity outside the tunnel.

Guests could keep a bracelet and donate a bracelet to patients at Lakeridge Health after exploring the planetarium.

Guests entered through the light tunnel and sliding door entrance.

The interior dome was an immersive experience that left you with a sense of awe.

It was truly an amazing experience for anyone who went!

Behind The Scenes

It was a labour of love to put this unique installation together! The dome for the planetarium experience was 20ft in diamater and 12ft tall, with a white interior that could be projected on to.

Design mock up
Dome build
Dome build drawing

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