Wedding Day Transportation on CP24

Hi everyone! This past weekend I talked about Wedding Day Transportation on CP24’s AutoShop segment. Also see my behind the scenes post from the segment. Thank you to the super sweet and talented friends, Annie (from and Ming (from Puzzle Creations), for helping me with my hair and makeup! For now, here’s a recap […]

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A wedding planner’s wedding

Wedding planner's wedding - Rebecca Chan

I kick off this week’s posts with video and photos from a special wedding.. my own! It’s always something special when it is a wedding planner’s wedding, so I thought I would share a few of my insights and thoughts behind the day, while sharing with you some of the photos and video highlights too. […]


Deciding on your First Dance

Today I have a special treat for you. As you start envisioning your wedding day, you will start to ask the question of what your first dance will look like. Will you do a simple slow dance with your partner or a big choreographed number? If the latter is what you envision, I’ve brought in […]


How a wedding planner can save you money

Toronto Hunt Club wedding

One recent email conversation with a bride-to-be was about how she would decide on the venue first and then see if she had enough money left in her budget for wedding planning services. My post today and my reply to this comment is that wedding planners are not simply an expense but they can actually […]

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Tips for preparing your wedding day timeline

As your wedding day approaches, you may have started preparing your wedding day timeline – a detailed rundown of the day’s events. Beyond the basics of what time things happen, there are a handful of extra details to be mindful of to ensure that you have covered your bases. Be prepared by including some of […]


4 ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer

Hi everyone! This week I have a special treat for you. It is a guest post from 1KW, a photographer in Toronto, and his post below is a fun topic – 4 ninja traits of a secret engagement photographer. Any guy planning a proposal should definitely consider hiring a ninja photographer to capture the special […]


Renting a dress at Rent Frock Repeat

Last week, I had the pleasure of experiencing a private fitting at Rent frock Repeat and meeting Co-Founder Lisa. If you’ve never heard of the service, it is a boutique that allows you to rent a designer dress (that would usually cost you hundreds of dollars). Whether it is a black-tie affair, wedding or new […]


How to clean your engagement ring

All of us ladies with some bling on our fingers should have the right tools and tips when it comes to keeping them sparkly. Here I’ve got some tips for you from Jennifer at the Fair Trade Jewellery Company on keeping your ring clean. Jennifer does custom design work at FTJCo and FTJCo is also […]


Tips for hiring the right photographer

When it comes to wedding vendors, nothing is as important as your photographer (and, maybe your wedding planner!). Everyone understands that you only get one chance to do your wedding, so you want a photographer who can capture your day and not miss any shots. Beyond that though, they shoot your most intimate moments with […]


Wedding venue overview: The Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto

Dreaming of a Four Seasons Hotel Toronto wedding? Couples will appreciate this hotel’s renowned service and modern feel. It is a great option for couples looking for a sophisticated space, with two ballrooms to choose from. Weddings at the Four Seasons Hotel, Toronto will benefit from the neutral colour palette that can lend itself well […]