Modern Shangri-La Hotel Toronto Wedding

Modern Chinese wedding at Shangri-La Hotel Toronto

Our modern couple got married at the Shangri-La Hotel Toronto, a popular choice for Chinese fusion celebrations. The couple exchanged vows in the Museum room, full of natural light and soft blooms down the aisle. The groom’s modern taste was reflected in the geometric stands, contrasting with the bride’s love for soft floral. Rachel A. […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 3

My last two posts have highlighted some of my favourite moments at weddings with just what the title says – unique Chinese wedding elements. Part 1 was about a friend’s wedding with their aunts and uncles opening up the reception with a choreographed dance and Part 2 featured my cousin’s wedding at her lion dance […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 2

Many Chinese weddings come and go but not all are memorable. This series is all about the memorable and fun Chinese elements in a wedding. In my previous post I shared about an aunties and uncles’ choreographed dance routine to open up the evening (what a great idea!) and this week I share with you […]


Unique Chinese wedding elements, pt. 1

Wedding planner's wedding, tea ceremony - Rebecca Chan

I cannot count on my hands and feet how many Chinese weddings I have attended or planned. There have just been too many. I love my Chinese friends and clients, and I especially love my own heritage, but sometimes I wonder how much of a Chinese wedding is done out of tradition and how much […]